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Mt Lawley Inglewood Junior Football Club

COVID-19 - Return to Training

Please see the Roos COVID-19 webpage for information on the COVID-19 Return to Training information and links


Every year all Juniors/Youth coaches/assistant coaches are required to register/re-register on at least 1 week prior to the first game of the season. Once you have completed the registration process you need to ensure that your coaching profile has Mt Lawley Inglewood JFC selected as your club (Centrals Conference / Metro Central - WA). This process then registers you as a Coach with the club in PlayHQ and allows you to be selected as a Coach or Assistant Coach on the weekly Game Sheet (team sheet) in PlayHQ

Team Managers

Team Managers please use the the link below to register as an Team Manager with the club in PlayHQ which will allow you to be selected as a Team Manager on the weekly Game Sheet (team sheet) in PlayHQ

Coaches please read the Coach.AFL section below  before registering as a coach.



Team Mangers during the registration process when prompted please register as Team Manager



2018 saw the introduction of a series of changes by the AFL that streamlined entry level coaching accreditation and provided further support to coaches ongoing education and development.

Beginning coaches will no longer be required to attend a face to face coaching workshop to attain entry level accreditation. Under the new model, Foundation coaches (previously Level 1) will undertake a new online learning experience. Although no longer mandatory, workshops will still be conducted, and coaches are encouraged to attend.

A new membership model has been launched providing access to high quality coaching resources.

See this link for more info.

All coaches and assistant coaches need to have registered on Coach.AFL prior to the first game of the season.

The cost of doing the online Foundation Course ($50) will be covered by the Club.

In Coach.AFL when creating or updating your Coaching Profile you need to select Mt Lawley Inglewood JFC as the club (which will be under Centrals Conference league) and the age group of the year group you will be coaching.

School Year - Age Group Mappings

Year 3 – Under 9s

Year 4 – Under 10s

Year 5 – Under 11s

Year 6 – Under 12s

Year 7 – Under 13s

Year 8 – Under 14s

Year 9 - Under 15s

Year 10 – Under 16s

Year 11 – Under 17s

Year 12 – Under 18s

Team Managers Links


Coaches and Mangers Documents


Footyweb Team Sites

- Team Members Lists

- Teamsheets

These are restricted web sites that require a SportsTG/GameDay Passport login and Team permissions granted by the Club Registrar

Team Managers and Coaches,

In order to access the team you manager or coach you will need to have a SportsTG/GameDay Passport account and have the SportsTG/GameDay passport account given permission to access your team by the Club Register.

As a SportsTG/GameDay passort account is used by various sports for player registration you may already have one without you realising it.

To gain access to the team you are managing/coaching please follow these steps;

  1. Check if you already have a SportsTG/GameDay Passport account by logging on here
  2. If you don't have an existing Passport account register for an account here
  3. Email the club registrar [email protected] with details of your email address that you used to register and the name of the team that you manager or coach.
  4. Once you have been provided access to your team by the club register you can access the team by following the links here

See this support article on How to signup for a SportsTG Passport Account

Once you have been given access to you team in Footyweb/SportsTG/GameDay use the links below to access your team.

Player Lists

Teamsheets/Game Results

SportsTG/GameDay Passport My Account

Team Player Lists

Footyweb (SportsTG) Membership Database

Click link above to access your team membership database in Footyweb

- Team Member Lists

- Enter Player Jumper Numbers

- Team Reports

- Team Emails

- Player games played statistics

Team Sheets

Footyweb (SportsTG) Results Entry & Live Scoring

Click link above to access your Team Sheets, Results Entry and Live Scoring for desktop, tablet and mobile.

Four Years 3-6, SportsTG Team Sheets are required to be filled by the Team Manager or Coach prior to game day with all the players who are playing with their jumper number, printed off and handed to the umpire during the game. If a player is not on the team sheet they are unable to play.

If a player listed on the printed team sheet doesn't play, please put a line through their name.

After the game and prior to the following Monday please update the team sheet in SportsTG with those players that played/didn't play.

This ensures that the players games played career statistics is keep up to date so you know when they have played milestone games (50, 100 etc)

Metro Central lock out team sheets on the Monday so any updates need to be done prior to this.

Direct access to entry of;

- Team Sheets (Select Pre Game from Match List)

- Live Scoring (Select At Game from Match List)

- Game results (Select Post Game from Match List)

SportsTG Teamsheet Support Articles

How to Enter Team Sheets

How to Enter Team Sheets and Team Default Jumper Number - Video

Locating and printing Team Sheets

Teamsheet and Results Entry Troubleshooting

AFL Team Managers Video

Matchday Apps

Interchanger (iPad only) by Status Sport

This app is replacing the "Interchange App" used previously for player game time tracking.

Details on how to use the Interchange app can be found in the coaches and managers Documents store under Managers > Interchanger

Interchanger Support Page -

JLT AFL Match Day Checklist App

This checklist is to be completed by the Home Team Manager in conjunction with the Away Team Manager.

It is a basic pre-game inspection tool that helps to identify safety concerns and record your observations on match day.

The app can be downloaded from

Apple App store -

Google Play Store -

AFL Concussion App - HeadCheck

The AFL in conjunction with Murdoch Children’s Research Institute have developed an app to help Trainers, Coaches or Parents/Guardians to recognise the symptoms of a suspected concussion and its severity. The Head App guides non-medical users through a series of concise questions and observations to quickly identify whether a child’s head injury requires an ambulance, hospital, or a GP visit.

The App also assists Parents/Guardians in managing their child’s recovery program based on the symptoms displayed as well as guide the Parents/Guardians on their child’s safe return to school, training and games.

The App can be downloaded for free via the following links-

iPhone Users - click here

Android Users - click here

Find out more here and here

WA Junior Footy App

by Community To Go



Links to Footyweb Match Day Pages

  • Team Sheets
  • Live Scores

Game Day Checklist

Concussion Info

Interchange App (iPad only) by ShedWorx

This app is being replaced by the Interchanger app listed above.

This app is required by all Year 7-12 teams as is used to monitor game time and also as the game day team sheet.

Details on how to use the Interchange app can be found in the coaches and managers Documents store under Managers > Interchange_App

Interchange App Support page -

SportsTG / Footyweb Help/Support Links

SportsTG public sites that can be accessed by anyone (players/parents)

Fixtures Results Ladders

Go to


Find your team from the list

Click on Fixture for your next game

Click on Result for your last game

You can subscribe to email game reminders for your team from the Fixtures page

WA Football Club Hub

SportsTG Fixtures App

Team Management Apps for any Sporting Team