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Mt Lawley Inglewood Junior Football Club

Roos JFC First-Aid / Medical Info

WAFC Team First-Aid / Medical Officer / Sports Trainer Requirements

With regards to team first aid/medical office sports trainer, the 2019 WAFC Junior Football Competition Rules advises the following.

6e. Medical Officer/Trainer

  1. Each team shall provide a team medical officer/sports trainer with a current Provide First-Aid
  2. The team medical officer/sports trainer shall be clearly identified by wearing approved WAFC uniform.
  3. The team medical officer/sports trainer must be able to prove, upon request by league officials, suitable proof of qualifications to assess and remove injured players on a stretcher.
  4. Should a team fail to provide a qualified medical officer/sports trainer, then the opposing teams suitably trained medical officer/sports trainer may assume control of injured players for both teams.
  5. Only one Medical Officer/Trainer is permitted inside the coaches box.

Roos JFC First-Aid Volunteer

The Roos JFC requests that each team have two first-aiders on your roster to share the load and to provide cover when one is away.

The First-Aider needs to have a current Provide First Aid (also known as Senior First Aid or Level 2) certificate.

The First-Aider should be an adult.

A reminder that the First Aider is not a Paramedic or a Doctor.

In the case of a player getting injured and has limited movement/suspected head or spinal injury or is unconscious the First-Aid officer is to direct the umpire to stop the game, create a space around the player, go through DRABCD action plan, send someone to call for an ambulance then take directions from the 000 staff/ambulance officials.

Provide First Aid Certification Course

If the Roos First-Aid volunteer needs to obtain or refresh their first aid certificate, they can do this through the Roos preferred First-Aid training provider CBD College

The course is HLTAID003 Provide First Aid (also known as Senior First Aid or Level 2)

The cost of the Provide First Aid course is $99 and will be reimbursed by the club. Email [email protected]

Roos JFC First-Aid Kits

Each team will be provided with a Roos JFC First-Aid kit.

Roos first-kits have been equipped with basic supplies to help deal with general game day injuries/ailments.

Please Note:

All medications, including paracetamol, ibuprofen, aspirin, anti-fungal creams/powders, antibiotic creams / ointments and sunscreen should be provided by the players. It is not the clubs role to provide these.

The Roos first-aid kits are not designed, or to be used, to cater for ongoing treatment of player injuries. They are for injuries sustained on game day and during training. It is the responsibility of both the player and parents to provide strapping, bandages etc, for the continued treatment of ongoing injuries.

Please check regularly if you need to restock. The club has bulk purchased spare first aid supplies. Please check with the club before purchasing any additional supplies.

AFL Concussion App - HeadCheck

The AFL in conjunction with Murdoch Children’s Research Institute have developed an app to help Trainers, Coaches or Parents/Guardians to recognise the symptoms of a suspected concussion and its severity. The Head App guides non-medical users through a series of concise questions and observations to quickly identify whether a child’s head injury requires an ambulance, hospital, or a GP visit.

The App also assists Parents/Guardians in managing their child’s recovery program based on the symptoms displayed as well as guide the Parents/Guardians on their child’s safe return to school, training and games.

The App can be downloaded for free via the following links-

iPhone Users - click here

Android Users - click here

Find out more here and here

Roos JFC First-Aid Documents

First-Aid Fact Sheets

St John First-Aid fact sheets can be found on the Roos document store (Documents button below) under the First_Aid folder.

These cover various situations that you may come across eg Dislocations, Eye-Injuries, Sprain and Strains etc.

Some teams print these off laminate them and keep in the first-aid kits.

If you have the equipment to do this then it would be greatly appreciated.


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